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BYN could refer to:

  • Kalix Nyborg Sweden
  • Bayankhongor Airport, Mongolia; IATA airport code BYN.
  • Blin language; ISO language code BYN.
  • Bryan (Amtrak station), Ohio, United States; Amtrak station code BYN.
  • Bryn railway station, England; National Rail station code BYN.
  • Taiyuan Wusu Airport, People's Republic of China; IATA airport code BYN.
  • New Belarusian ruble, introduced on the 1st July 2016; ISO 4217 code BYN.

Usage examples of "byn".

Nicolas du Haut, Frenchman of Lorrayn, who had byn lackay to my frende Otho Henrick Duke of Brunswik and Lienburgh, to seke a servyse, being dismissed by passport from his Lord after his long sikenes.

Ann my nurse had long byn tempted by a wycked spirit: but this day it was evident how she was possessed of him.

Francys Blunt, brother to the late Lord Mountjoy, unkle to the Lord Mowntjoy living, and to Sir Charles of the court, cam to be acquaynted to me, he having byn a travayle at Constantinople.

Perpoint that I had byn at London to prepare his mony, and I told him that I had seen the court-roll for his copy.