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n. (plural of bylaw English)

Usage examples of "bylaws".

Rae knew that once she was chairman of the department, she would change its bylaws to prohibit any director of the Birth Center from holding an office in the department.

I think the bylaws say if a guest keeps causing trouble I can give him a refund.

When I arrived with the new Royal Guard, I found the Recorder trying to burn all the bylaws and ordinances, and the Accountant trying to burn the ledgers.

The laws she should pass, the bylaws and ordinances, the institution of a public auditing system.

Caesar in his galloping gig as he went from one site to the next, supervising the division of land, making sure that those who would carry on with the work knew how to do it, issuing the charters outlining colonial laws, bylaws and ordinances, and personally choosing the first lot of citizens who would sit on each governing council.

And in a way they were right, because strict local bylaws forbade construction work, tree cutting, or anything else that might sully the myth.

It listed each pontiff and councilman ever to serve the Apocrypha, and contained the Council bylaws as well.

Our president being out of town, I, in accordance with Article Six, Section C, of the Bylaws, will preside.

According to the bylaws, it must go over to the next regular meeting for action.

The medical staff bylaws say I need to be notified about such hearings but they don't allow me to participate.

Thorby called a general meeting of stockholders, on stockholders' initiative as permitted by the bylaws, to elect officers.