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The decision to banish Byers marked another odd episode in his highly atypical history with courts and prosecutors.

Documents, such as the first police interview of Byers, had been inexplicably withheld, while possible weapons, such as sticks and the lake knife, had popped up long after the arrests.

Byers, backwoodsman though he was, was quite unprepared for so abrupt a change.

Compared to the speech by Byers, what the families of the defendants said to the filmmakers sounded subdued.

Byers victim and the fact that the bodies were nude and in a wooded area, I have seen no evidence of anything connected with the case which even remotely resembles the discussions in this article.

According to the filmmakers, Byers had presented the knife to a member of their crew six days before Christmas, on December 19,1993.

The lawyer said that he wanted to retest several items, including the knife with blood in its fold that had belonged to John Mark Byers.

Detective Ridge, who had been asked to investigate Byers with regard to the missing shipment of Rolex watches, and Lieutenant James Sudbury, the narcotics detective who was himself under investigation by the Arkansas State Police, conducted the interview.

Mark Byers told a reporter for the local paper that his relationship with his neighbors had turned sour when he had swatted their five-year-old son with a flyswatter.

Rather than reopening their investigation, they seemed relieved to believe that Byers had, as he now remembered, cut himself with the Kershaw knife.

Hair from relatives of all of the victims was submitted for analysis, as were blood and urine samples from Todd Moore and John Mark Byers.

And soon after Gitchell received the ambiguous lab results, Fogleman notified the defense teams that upon reflection, and despite his earlier statements to the contrary, Byers now recalled that he had, after all, cut himself with the knife.

Crown Royal and taking Valium and Xanax, and that he saw Mark Byers with a sandwich baggie of K-4 Dilaudid.

Yet on May 5, 1992, circuit judge David Burnett signed an order absolving Byers of all legal consequences arising from the assault and death threat on his ex-wife.

Maury Povich Show, as Mark Byers had stated that on the date of the murders, he picked up his wife from work and had an airtight alibi.