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BYD could refer to:

  • BYD Company, an automobile and rechargeable battery producer in China
    • BYD Auto, subsidiary company of BYD Company and an automobile manufacturer in China
    • BYD Electronic, a subsidiary of BYD Company that makes and assembles handset components and mobile phones
  • Barley yellow dwarf, a plant disease caused by the barley yellow dwarf virus
  • Barry Docks railway station, Wales; National Rail station code BYD
  • Bury Your Dead, an American metalcore/hardcore band
  • Brave Yester Days, a 2-disc best-of album from the band Katatonia.
  • Y Byd, a Welsh-language newspaper

Usage examples of "byd".

The horses walked over the planking and into the protective circle of the palisade where the people of Byd ford gathered silently around the body slumped over the horse.