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Child Byar, it is your considered estimate that we were attacked in a planned ambush by upwards of fifty wolves and better than half a score of Darkfriends?

The words were not completely out of his mouth before Byar reached him.

He noticed that the Lord Captain did not tell Byar to leave them alone.

It was plain that Byar would stop breathing if Lord Captain Bornhald told him to.

Bornhald raised one eyebrow quizzically, and Byar pulled himself up short, swallowing.

Child Byar, but, as I must often tell my son, Dain, overzealousness can be a grievous fault.

If he closed his eyes, he would see only the things Byar promised for them once they reached Amador.

He was sure Egwene still did not believe what Byar told them in that flat voice.

That was what finally convinced him Byar was telling the simple truth.

You had to acknowledge what Byar said, or he found ways to get your attention.

Finding those knots still as tight as he had left them, Byar pulled at his ankle rope, scraping him across the rocky ground.

Even if Perrin could not remember it, Byar remembered that he had killed two of the Children.

I mean to take the legion onto Toman Head, Byar, and see what the true Darkfriends, these Seanchan, are up to.

To Byar, orders were to be obeyed whether they came from the Lord Captain or the Questioners, whatever they were.

Rather, they were listening to Jaret Byar, from what Bornhald could see, which was much the best.