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by experimentation

adv. in an experimental fashion; "this can be experimentally determined" [syn: experimentally, through an experiment]

Usage examples of "by experimentation".

One learns about things by experimentation, by forming a theory, testing the theory, and creating a new theory if the first one doesn't work, until one has a model that accurately represents reality—.

The three who were armed with the alien weapons had already tested their range by experimentation back in the hills, but the fear of exhausting whatever powered those barrels had curtailed their target practice.

Science fiction cannot but gain by experimentation with new forms and ideas, but this experimentation should be done with an adult mind, looking forward into the future rather than running away from it.

The only way you can get the data is by experimentation, and you can’.

Thus by experimentation, That-Called-the-Vlagh altered and modified its own form to develop a highly specific creature.