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The Collaborative International Dictionary

BWR \BWR\ n. a boiling water reactor; a type of nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator; -- the steam produced can drive a steam turbine and produce electrical power.

Syn: boiling water reactor.


init. (context nuclear power English) boiling water reactor

Usage examples of "bwr".

She had seen the tents of the fabled Bwr people, whose bodies combined those of humankind and horse.

Nor have I seen their masters, the Bwr people, the ones who were born half of humankind and half of a mare.

Yet in the old tales it is always said that the Bwr people came not only to plunder and capture slaves, but because they hated the empire itself.

I think bloodlust and greed suffice to explain the Bwr invasion that destroyed the Dariyan Empire.

We in Arethousa escaped tie full fury of the Bwr invasion that destroyed much of Dariya five hundred years ago, but we remember it.

Now and again Sanglant had seen a man stare dreamily at one of their Bwr allies, and more than a few times he had caught himself admiring their robust figures clad in nothing beside the accoutrements of war and wondering at the mystery of their existence.

She indicated the Bwr reserve just visible behind the clouds of dust that marked the field of battle.

The Bwr communicated with snorts and stamps whose meaning was unintelligible to him, but they moved away to form a line two deep winding through the woods parallel to the path.

The Bwr had horn bows and they loosed arrows as they advanced, surprisingly agile at fending off tree branches and leaping around or over bushes as they plunged through the woods.

Her men began to panic as the front line of Bwr closed with spears lowered.

In ancient legend it was said that the Bwr spoke to horses, and now it appeared to be true.

As Bwr, Quman, and Ungrians filtered in, they were sent out into the clearing to cover the flanks to ensure safe passage from the line of retreat to the fallen arch of the gate.

Humankind and their Bwr allies had sown two thousand seven hundred and four years ago and now their descendants faced a bitter harvest.

Years ago, a humble frater by name of Bernard had named his daughter after an ancient centaur shaman written of in the chronicles of the Arethousans, who had witnessed and survived the Bwr attack on the Dariyan Empire.

In the early 200s, the Bwr invaded in a host and burned and pillaged the city of Dariya.