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BWP could refer to:

  • BWP: The British Way and Purpose: Directorate of Army Education pamphlets issued during the Second world war
  • Bradley Wright-Phillips, an English association football player
  • Belgische Werkliedenpartij, the Dutch name of the first Belgian socialist party.
  • the Botswana pula, the ISO 4217 currency code for Botswana's currency
  • The Blair Witch Project, a successful low-budget horror film
  • the ornithological handbook The Birds of the Western Palearctic
  • The Baltimore-Washington Parkway
  • Bytches With Problems, a former female rap duo
  • Bridgewater Place, a skyscraper in Leeds, England
  • Belgisch Warmbloed Paard,
  • The Bretton Woods Project, which monitors the World Bank and IMF
  • Brutality Will Prevail, a Welsh hardcore band
BWP (group)

BWP (Bytches With Problems), was a female rap duo that consisted of Lyndah McCaskill and Tanisha Michele Morgan.

BWP are perhaps best known today for their controversial music video, "Two Minute Brother", from their 1991 album The Bytches.