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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

respectful or reverential form of address in East Africa, 1878, from Swahili.


n. (context slang English) Big boss, important person. Not always used as a favorable term.

Bwana (film)

Bwana is a 1996 Spanish drama film directed by Imanol Uribe. The film was selected as the Spanish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 69th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Usage examples of "bwana".

Bwana was wondering how a lone white man could have made his way through the savage, unhospitable miles that lay toward the south.

Makonde knew me as Bwana Mutaro, Master Furrow, for wherever I went my tusks would plow up twin furrows in the hard African earth, and my spoor could be mistaken for no other.

We had agreed to serve Bwana Gregory, but he told us Bwana Gregory wished us to accompany him instead.

We are afraid to stay here, and we are afraid to run away from the great Bwana Tarzan.

Many times we would have turned back thinking that he was mad, but he urged us on and we followed him, and now the big Bwana can come back with us to the home of his own people.

We will live up to our agreement and the old bwana may return in safety with the young bwana.

These were the diamonds that had been stolen from The Big Bwana many moons before by the white men who had found Opar.

Our Bwana ascended the slopes of the Wiramwazi and the spirits of the dead being angry seized him and carried him away.

But, Bwana, even if a human being could find a way down these steep cliffs, where there is no place for either hand or foot, he would surely be killed the moment he reached the bottom, for this indeed must be the Land of The Lost Tribe where the spirits of the dead live in the heart of the Wiramwazi.

And if you reach the bottom, Bwana, and you are right about the spirits and there are none or they do not kill you, how will you get out again?

Up, Simba''in a fake-deep bwana voice as he hefts the camera to his right shoulder, and he and Frank C.

He said to do it as long as the bad bwana obeyed the commands of Tarzan.

Having ensured himself that the white man in the menzil of Ibn Jad w as Stimbol and that none knew the whereabouts of the other American, he was hastening back to the locality where Blake's boy had told him their bwana had disappeared, in the hope of picking up his trail and, if unable to assist him, at least to learn what fate had overtaken him.

It is not half what you deserve, and were the heart of the Big Bwana not filled with love for his black children--were he like other white Bwanas old Muviro has seen--you would be lashed until you could not stand, perhaps until you died.

Bwana never countenanced such acts in his country and his word was law among those who hunted within a radius of many miles of his estate.