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The Collaborative International Dictionary

buy out \buy out\, buy-out \buy-out\v. to take over ownership of; -- of corporations and companies.

Syn: take over, buy up.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also buy-out, "the purchasing of a controlling share in a company," 1976, from verbal phrase buy out "purchase someone's estate and turn him out of it," 1640s, from buy (v.) + out (adv.).


n. (alternative spelling of buyout English)

Usage examples of "buy-out".

Sword has exempted the transaction from taxes in order to accelerate the buy-out.

They're takeover artists, Al, the kind of outfits that specialize in the leveraged buy-outs of troubled or vulnerable com­panies.

Many had died broken men in the wake of his mergers and lightning buy-outs, but none living would speak ill of him.

I am signin papers like crazy—mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs, sell-outs, puts an calls.

And there were a lot of inquiries from brainships, too—some of them saying that they'd be willing to skip a buy-out to have a body!