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Bux may refer to:

  • the Budapest Stock Index (BUX)
  • Buchs (disambiguation) ("Bux" may be a misspelling)
  • a buck's night ("bux" is an alternative term/spelling)
  • Bux or Buksh is a name in Iran and Pakistan.
  • nickname of Paid To Click websites.
BUX (band)

BUX was an American hard rock/ boogie rock band that is best known for having lead guitarist Punky Meadows and bassist Mickie Jones both of who joined Angel, and lead singer Ralph Morman who was with the Joe Perry Project from 1979–1980 and Savoy Brown from 1980-1982.

Bux (surname)

Bux is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ishaq Bux (1917–2000), Indian actor
  • José Miculax Bux (1925–1946), Guatemalan serial killer
  • Karim Bux, Indian wrestler
  • Kuda Bux (1905–1981), Pakistani mystic
  • Luciano Bux (1936–2014), Italian Roman Catholic bishop
  • Madar Bux (1907–1967), Bengali politician
  • Miran Bux (1907–1991), Pakistani cricketer
  • Pir Ilahi Bux (1890–1975), Pakistani politician