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Butin may refer to:

  • Butin (molecule), a flavanone
  • Aleksandr Butin (born 1985), Russian professional football player
  • Origny-le-Butin, a commune in the Orne department in northwestern France
  • Butin, a village in Gătaia town, Timiş County, Romania
Butin (molecule)

Butin is a flavanone, a type of flavonoid. It can be found in the seeds of Vernonia anthelmintica (Asteraceae) and in the wood of Dalbergia odorifera (Fabaceae).

Usage examples of "butin".

The item he sought was not there: not a word about the late lamented Butin Arhava.

I really must pray you to excuse me, butin truthI was not attending to the conversation.

For instance, Butin Arhava was a fully paid up member in good standingand didn't know it.

Just sit around and be a good boy, Butin, and we'll feed you crumbs from our table.

Well, if the situation seemed to justify it, that's when he'd give the Gurd-Skriva brothers the next namethat of Butin Arhava.

And he will create the telestres out of chaos, the church out of necessity, and be remembered not for what he did, butin the manner of legends when past-dreams have not yet made them clearalso for what he might have done.

What I am tryin' to say isthat Massha is both very big and very colorful, butin the interest of brevity I will spare you theanalogous type comparisons.