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n. (context informal English) phenylbutazone#English.


Bute or BUTE may refer to:

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Usage examples of "bute".

He was a charming Scotsman who was, the Grand Duchess was informed, a great friend of Lord Bute who in his turn was a close friend of the King and the Princess Dowager of England.

His friend Lord Bute was already making plans to remove all those who stood in his way including Mr.

George had decided that he must do his duty which his mother and Lord Bute had made clear to him.

Lord Bute and the Princess Dowager agreed that if they were going to maintain their hold on the King he must marry a docile German princess preferably one who spoke no English.

It was the memory of Hannah which had made George realize the folly he was capable of when he acted without the advice of his friend Lord Bute and his mother.

His fortunes had been going up ever since that day fourteen years ago when at Egham races a shower of rain had driven the late Prince of Wales into a tent and he, Bute, had been invited to join the royal party for a game of whist.

Frederick to dally with his mistress of the moment while Bute took care of the Princess.

Pitt had already declared that if the unfortunate day arrived when Bute moved in, he, Pitt, would move out.

Ever since that day Bute had made up his mind that Pitt should go and he was waiting for the time to come when he would have an opportunity of disposing of his enemy.

And while the wedding was being discussed in the schoolroom, the Princess and Lord Bute were also talking of it.

He was often closeted for hours in the company of Lord Bute and his mother who acted as his chief adviser much to the disgust of Mr.

Charlotte guessed this was Lord Bute whose name she had heard mentioned many times as a great power in the land on account of his influence with the King and his mother.

Lord Bute told her, with emotion in his voice, how delighted he was to have her with them.

The King had remained behind with Lord Bute and a panic seized Charlotte.

Lord Bute came into the apartment in the unceremonious way he now and then adopted to stress the intimacy between them.