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n. 1 (context UK English) A butcher's shop 2 (context Cockney rhyming slang Australian rhyming slang English) A look (short form of butcher's hook)

Usage examples of "butcher's".

He was just about there when the butcher's car passed, stopped, and waited.

Maigret groaned, all the more since he had recognized the butcher's wife, who already wore a black dress, though not yet of crepe.

He could imagine the butcher's wife returning, passing through groups of the curious.

The butcher's widow received a hundred thousand francs from the insurance and she'll go to live with her sister in Orléans…"

The metal content of his artificial leg was low, but Fett did not know how good the Butcher's security system was.

Two of the Butcher's guards fling themselves in front of the Sorcerer but they too are brushed aside like flies.

Even with the mortars in support, taking the fortress would enact a big enough butcher's bill to daunt anyone.

He'd not have paid this sort of butcher's bill just to hustle the enemy on their way, though.

Both units were under strength—they'd paid a substantial butcher's bill in the Western Territories and hadn't had time to recruit back to full roster yet—but they shaped well, to his critical eye.

The smell of death was spreading on the cool night air, like raw sewage and a butcher's shop combined.

Now he'd make sure the butcher's bill wasn't any higher than it had to be.

Kids ran in and out, going to and returning from the butcher's, the grocer's and the baker's.