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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
have/take a butcher's
the butcher's
▪ It ran around in front of the butcher's shop until the butcher himself came out and clapped his hands fiercely at it.
▪ As a boy you were so butch it hurt.
▪ Robin Williams plays Armand, the relatively butch half of a gay couple.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

butch \butch\ n. a lesbian who is noticeably masculine.

Syn: dyke.


butch \butch\ (b[.u]ch), adj.

  1. markedly masculine in appearance or manner; -- used of men.

    Syn: macho.

  2. same as lesbian. [pejorative]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"tough youth," 1902, first attested in nickname of U.S. outlaw George Cassidy (1866-?), probably an abbreviation of butcher (n.). Sense of "aggressive lesbian" is 1940s.


a. (context slang originally Polari English) Very masculine, with a masculine appearance or attitude. n. (context informal English) A lesbian who appears masculine or acts in a masculine manner.

  1. adj. used of men; markedly masculine in appearance or manner [syn: macho]

  2. pejorative synonym for lesbian


n. offensive terms for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine [syn: dike, dyke]

Butch (album)

Butch is a full-length album by the American band The Geraldine Fibbers, released on 1 July 1997.

The album was recorded in December 1996 by John Goodmanson at The Sound Factory studios, in Los Angeles, California. The recording was mixed March-April 1997 at Brooklyn Recording, Los Angeles by Sally Browder assisted by Ronnie Rivera.

Butch (nickname)

Butch is a nickname which may refer to:

  • Frederick Alan Aikman (1919-1991), Canadian World War II flying ace
  • Butch Baird (born 1936), American retired PGA and Senior PGA Tour golfer
  • Butch Ballard (1918–2011), American jazz drummer
  • William H. Blanchard (1916-1966), US Air Force four-star general
  • Émile Bouchard (1919-2012), Canadian National Hockey League player and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Butch Buchholz (born 1940), American former tennis player
  • Mark Butcher (born 1972), English former Test cricketer
  • Butch Cassidy (1866–1908), American outlaw
  • Butch Davis (born 1951), American football coach
  • Ronald DeFeo, Jr. (born 1951), American murderer
  • Kevin DuBrow (1955-2007), lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Quiet Riot
  • Adrian S. Fisher (1914-1983), American lawyer and public servant
  • Butch Goring (born 1949), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • William Edward Hanford (1908-1996), American chemist who developed the modern process for making polyurethane
  • Butch Harmon (born 1943), American golf instructor and former player
  • Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet (1892-1984), Marshal of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War
  • Butch Hartman (born 1965), animator, writer, director, producer, illustrator and voice actor
  • Butch Hartman (racing driver) (1940-1994), American stock car racing national champion
  • Bob Heffner (born 1938), American retired Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Butch James (born 1979), South African former rugby union player
  • Butch Johnson (American football) (born 1954), former National Football League wide receiver
  • John J. Lenzini, Jr. (1947-1996), American Thoroughbred horse trainer
  • Butch Levy (1921–1999), American football player and professional wrestler
  • Butch Lindley (1948-1990), American NASCAR driver
  • Butch Lochner (born 1931), South African former international rugby union player
  • Obert Logan (1941-2003), American National Football League player
  • Graeme Macdougall (born 1940), Australian former Rugby Union player
  • Ed Mierkowicz (born 1924), American former Major League Baseball player
  • Butch Morris (1947-2013), American jazz cornetist, composer and conductor
  • Jonathan Norton (born 1958), original drummer for the band Eels
  • Edward O'Hare (1914–1943), pilot during World War II
  • Butch Otter (born 1942), politician and current Governor of Idaho
  • Butch Reynolds (born 1964), American former 400-meter sprinter
  • Harry G. Robinson III (born 1942), American architect and professor
  • Roy Sanders (National League pitcher) (1892-1950), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Clyde J. Tate II (born 1957), American major general and army lawyer
  • Butch Vig (born 1955), American musician and producer, and drummer for the band Garbage
  • Roy Marlin Voris (1919-2005), American World War II flying ace and founder of the Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron
  • Bill Walker (Australian footballer) (born 1942), New Zealand former Australian rules footballer
  • Butch Walker (born 1969), American recording artist, songwriter, and record producer
  • Ray Wilkins (born 1956), English former football player

Usage examples of "butch".

Kuno looks now like a butcher or a bikie, but his voice is mellow and grand, fine as it ever was.

His nose led him to a panetteria where stevedores were already buying hot ciabatta, before going on to a stall where a butcher was selling liver and tripe ragout from a steaming pot, at a copper a dip of the loaf.

There was a cobbler at his elbow, and a wheelwright, and a butcher, and one or two other aspiring gentlefolk from the market fringe.

Ben grabbed one boy-about eight or nine comand turned him around-very carefully The boy had a butcher knife in one hand.

There was a swift diachronic kaleidoscope of images and a quite interesting synthetic statement: Thats it I guess its quality for you and for your so send fifteen dollars only its Butch you love isnt it I guess so emphatic denial issued by.

Butch Drongo had obtained those services through the inspiration of a broken napoleon.

Within the folder were photographs and documents, all bearing reference to the racketeer called Butch Drongo, whose initials, J.

Two rowdies - former henchmen of Butch Drongo - were still at their appointed posts.

All the coolness which had once made Curt useful to Butch Drongo was returned.

There were criticisms in it referring sometimes to dangerous ideas -- spoken even by a cardinal, in Holland or Belgium, he forgot which -- or written by a priest who had a Teutonic name which put Father Quixote in mind of Luther -- but he paid little attention to such criticisms, for it was very unlikely that he would have to defend the orthodoxy of the Church against the butcher, the baker, the garagist or even the restaurant keeper who was the most educated man in El Toboso except for the Mayor, and as the Mayor was believed by the bishop to be an atheist and a Communist, he could safely be ignored as far as the doctrine of the Church was concerned.

The pork butcher is usually a very poor cook, but as he is cheap, poor people are willingly satisfied with him, and these resorts are considered very useful to the lower class.

He sent Butcher to show Dr Maturin the temperature at the surface, and ten and at fifty fathoms, together with the hygrometrical readings and a message to the effect that Captain Aubrey was obliged to stay on deck.

Butch, the Doberman with the grin, was right behind Peppy, and as his handler Keith Schaible watched in horror, Butch grabbed the snake behind its head and slung it around until it went limp.

Occasionally, Barnowsky had Schaible or Benny Goldblatt break out Butch or Peppy for an attack session.

By the time the spumoni ice cream disappeared, Jenny and Butch Dixon had become friends.