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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bushman \Bush"man\, n.; pl. Bushmen. [Cf. D. boschman, boschjesman. See 1st Bush.]

  1. A woodsman; a settler in the bush.

  2. (Ethnol.) One of a race of South African nomads, living principally in the deserts, and not classified as allied in race or language to any other people.


n. (plural of bushman English)

Usage examples of "bushmen".

This portion were termed boshmen, or bushmen, and have still retained that appellation: living in extreme destitution, sleeping in caves, constantly in a state of starvation, they soon dwindled down to a very diminutive race, and have continued so ever since.

The boors on the Caffre frontier were often plundered by the bushmen, and perhaps occasionally by some few of the Caffres who were in a lawless state on the frontier.

If the bushmen stole a few head of cattle, complaints were immediately forwarded to Cape Town, and permission asked to raise a force, and recover them from the Caffres.

The organ of imitation is very strongly developed in the Bushmen, which accounts for their talents as draftsmen, and Omrah's remarkable imitative powers.

The Bushmen tribes of hill Hottentots, if we may so term them, have also been increased by various means, notwithstanding the constant massacres of the unhappy people by the Dutch boors.

As the Bushmen were continually making attempts upon the cattle of the boor, Africaner and his people had not only boon well trained to fire-arms, but had them constantly in their possession.

The Bushmen know the animal and his habits so well, that they seldom come to any accident from their inhabiting a country in which I really believe the population of lions exceeds that of Bushmen.

From apprehension of such attacks, it is also asserted that the Bushmen are in the habit of placing their aged and infirm people at the entrance of the cave during the night, that, should the lion come, the least valuable and most useless of their community may first fall a prey to the animal.

Now I appeal to you, who have got rid of these Bushmen, and who know so well how odoriferous is the skin of a Hottentot, whether a lion's nose is not much more likely to be attracted by one of either of these tribes of people, than it would by either you or me.

Omrah having brought another rifle, Bremen then proposed that the Hottentots, Bushmen, and dogs should force their way through the reeds and attempt to drive the animals out.

One of the Bushmen ran up to the carcass, and was about to use his knife, when another buffalo charged from the reeds, caught the Bushman on his horns, and threw him many yards in the air.

But as large quantities of the buffalo-flesh had been cut off, and hung upon the trees near the caravan, there was more than sufficient for a second feast for the Bushmen and Hottentots, and there was nothing but frying and roasting during the whole of the day.

The Bushmen, as the Hottentots prophesied, had taken advantage of their absence, to help themselves very liberally.

The Bushmen, however had left their meal, and with their bows and small poisoned arrows had gone in pursuit.

About an hour afterwards the Bushmen returned, and Omrah had communication with them.