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adv. In a bushy manner.

Usage examples of "bushily".

Bingbinga kick in the shin, and was bushily bearded only on the left side of his face, because of a Bingbinga firebrand.

She was straddling the whipping tongue, grinding his head back down into the mattress until it was only half visible, his hair protruding bushily from between her full thighs, his legs kicking back toward the edge of the bed to catch his breath.

DAY, A year after their glorious departure from Sardis, something under ten thousand starving, half-naked, bushily bearded Greek troops, wearing full, battered armor and bearing triumphant expressions, limped in perfect formation out of the foothills before the incredulous townspeople of Trapezus.

Miss Joseph led the others off the stage and the teachers took their seats, Weston big and bushily untidy between the two women.

Cliffs, looking down at the muddy red lowland below, the yellowish expanse of the Occoquan River beyond, finally the bushily overgrown, rocky start of Fairfax County beyond that.

Master of the Darnwell Rose, bulky, with gold sleeve rings, bushily bearded, went below with Unwin to more beer in his cabin, and sent up a fearsomely tough-looking second in command to unbutton to me about Trox.