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n. (plural of bush English)

Usage examples of "bushes".

Bush friends at the White House was Mary Matalin, 51, Queen of the Republican Sound Bite and the outspoken longtime communications expert for the Bushes going back nearly two decades.

Coughlin told the story again in vivid detail, bringing both the Bushes to tears.

Everyone stood there in stocking feet and gazed at the lake and the grove of trees beyond, where the Bushes said they might build a guest house some day.

Reagan and the two Bushes were and are not only great political leaders but also paragons of truth and morality, and that Bill Clinton and the Democrats are exemplars of debauchery and deceit, let us agree that neither of these extreme sentiments are quite accurate.

At fifty-two, Bandar, a close confidant of both Bushes, is a man of profound complexities, a cheery, educated man of enormous appetites.

They were firing from the rooftops, from the bushes, from the overpasses.

She was about to quit her post in the bushes and hasten to her uncle, in order to acquaint him of her suspicions, when she saw the branch of an alder thrust beyond the fringe of bushes on the other island, and waved towards her significantly, and as she fancied in token of amity.

There were many nests in the scrub pandanus bushes that stood out almost horizontally from the wall of rock.

Shivering a little in the chill breeze, she stationed herself in a clump of bushes, one musket across her knees, the other standing close at hand.

Nanai came out from behind a screen of bushes and beckoned to her, earnestly.

When she had turned inland and was gazing down over the broad wooded bowl of the plateau, she heard a faint rustle in the bushes and a hoarse voice.

Webber followed his guide, envying the agility of the lad, who strode along freely and without a halt, while he himself panted with his exertions and was obliged from time to time to cling to the roots of trees, bushes, or tufts of grass.

I made out the barrel of a musket was pushed through the bushes and pointing at the door, and another farther along.

The trail was grown over with bushes and the house going to rack and ruin.

I'd set me down to rest when I heard a rustlin' in the bushes behind me.