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n. (context US baseball slang English) A major league baseball player who has recently come from a small league.


Busher may refer to:

Busher (horse)

Busher (1942–1955) was a thoroughbred racing filly. She was sired by War Admiral, the winner of the Triple Crown in 1937, and a son of Man o' War.

Busher (name)

Busher is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Jerry Busher, American drummer
  • Leonard Busher, 17th-century English religious writer
  • Sydney Busher (1882-1953), English cricketer

Usage examples of "busher".

Chester at that time was a straight busher when it came to operations like armed robbery.

This Alma was a busher, a new fish, she didn't know how this kind of operation was handled.

The Keokuk team was shagging balls while I warmed up, and they kept making comments about green rookies and bushers and nitchies and such.