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n. (plural of bushel English)

Usage examples of "bushels".

As I have before said, 60,000,000 bushels of breadstuff were thus pushed through Buffalo in the open months of the year 1861.

The result has been the passage of 60,000,000 bushels of breadstuffs through that gate in one year!

Smith obtained fifteen bushels of it, and on his homeward way he met two canoes with Indians, whom he accompanied to their villages on the south side of the river, and got from them fifteen bushels more.

He obtained ten bushels of corn of the churlish and treacherous natives, who closely watched and dogged the expedition.

Newport received but four bushels of corn when he should have had twenty hogsheads.

Besides his old shoes, the crowned monarch charitably gave Newport a little heap of corn, only seven or eight bushels, and with this little result the absurd expedition returned to Jamestown.

This high-handed treatment made the savages sue for peace, and furnish, although they complained of want themselves, owing to a bad harvest, a hundred bushels of corn.

The reward of this wearisome winter campaign was two hundred weight of deer-suet and four hundred and seventy-nine bushels of corn for the general store.

The tribe used him kindly, but he was so frightened with their noisy demonstration of mirth that he surprised and captured the poor naked King with his houses, and began fortifying his position, showing so much fear that the savages were emboldened to attack him, kill some of his men, release their King, and carry off a thousand bushels of corn which had been purchased, Martin not offering to intercept them.

I give below the amount of grain and flour in bushels received into Buffalo for transit in the month of October during four consecutive years:-- October, 1858 4,429,055 bushels.

In 1860, from the opening to the close of navigation, 30,837,632 bushels of grain and flour passed through Buffalo.

It may be presumed the 52,000,000 of bushels, as quoted above, will swell itself to 60,000,000.

Fifty million bushels of corn and flour simply seems to mean a great deal.

It contained, when I was there, half a million bushels of wheat--or a very great many, as I might say in other language.

The exact porter touches the string of another door, and the forty bushels of corn run out at the bottom of the measure, disappear down another shoot, slanting also toward the water, and deposit themselves in the canal boat.