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Bushell is a surname of English origin. The name refers to:

  • Achieng Ajulu-Bushell (b. 1994), a British swimmer
  • Agnes Bushell (b. 1949) is an American fiction writer and teacher
  • Anthony Bushell (1904–1997), English film actor
  • Bill Bushell (b. 1891), an Australian rules footballer
  • Browne Bushell (1609–1651), English naval officer executed for treason
  • Christopher Bushell (1888–1918), English recipient of the Victoria Cross for action during World War I
  • Edward Bushel ( fl. 1670), foreman of an English jury that refused to return a guilty verdict under coercion
  • Garry Bushell (b. 1955), English journalist, television presenter, and author
  • Garvin Bushell (1902–1991), American woodwind multi-instrument musician
  • Jeffrey Bushell, American screenwriter
  • John Bushell (1715–1761), first printer in Canada
  • Josette Bushell-Mingo (b. 1964), British theater actor and director
  • Mike Bushell, English television sports presenter on BBC
  • Mickey Bushell (b. 1990), British paralympic athlete
  • Roger Bushell (1910–1944), South African pilot in Britain during World War II
  • Stephen Wootton Bushell (1844–1908), English physician and Orientalist
  • Steve Bushell (b. 1972), English professional football player
  • Thomas Bushell (1834–1865), Irish convict transported to Australia
  • Warin Foster Bushell (1885–1974), schoolmaster in England and South Africa