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The Collaborative International Dictionary

bushbuck \bush"buck`\ n. 1. antelope with white harnesslike markings and twisted horns.

Syn: guib, Tragelaphus scriptus.


n. 1 An antelope ((taxlink Tragelaphus scriptus species noshow=1)) that is found in Sub-Saharan Africa. 2 (context informal English) Occasionally used for any relatives of above that share its inhabitant.


n. antelope with white markings like a harness and twisted horns [syn: guib, Tragelaphus scriptus]

Usage examples of "bushbuck".

And the porcupines and the bushbuck and the duikers will follow them in.

A young bushbuck ewe burst from the patch of maize and dashed to the hedge in terror.

All he had eaten this summer was a bushbuck ewe that had come down the river bank to drink.

Within a few days he took to trotting after the bushbuck ewe, who followed Zach all around the clearing.

Zach fed the ewe first and then the piglet, but when the bushbuck took too long, the piglet would butt her impatiently.

Outside stood Shadow, red tongue lolling, and behind him the bushbuck ewe skittered a few steps back.

The old man strode down the mountain path winding between the tree ferns, with Zach, Shadow, Lekoya and finally the bushbuck behind him.

It was in the season of the wild grapes that Zach saw that the bushbuck ewe was growing restless.

Near the field, in thick bush, he found the spoor of a bushbuck ram and, on the tree-trunks nearby, saw the white scars where the ram had rubbed his horns.

The pack of dogs had been diverted by the spoor of a bushbuck ewe and now pursued it with more noise than expertise.

Shadow found the spoor of a bushbuck and ran barking up a slight rise.

Across the denuded brow of the ridge above him a large bushbuck ram and his ewe bounded out of sight.

They were all brightly attired in feather-rimmed leather caps, floral robes, and pants of bushbuck skins.

There were cruel grins on their brown faces at such pleasant sport, and they strained forward eagerly, giving voice like a wild dog pack closing in on a wounded bushbuck, each anxious to be the one to capture Helene.

Small bands of bushbuck, perhaps one band to ten square miles, ranged the basin.