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bush fire

n. (context Australia New Zealand English) (alternative form of bushfire English)

Usage examples of "bush fire".

He gave me my first rifle, a Martini Hendry that blew a cloud of gunsmoke like a bush fire but would throw dead true at a hundred and fifty yards.

Under the brim of the hat the interloper's beard curled red and wild as a bush fire.

In those days, after a man had fired a shot, the dust rising from the galloping herds had looked like the smoke from a bush fire, and yet this day they had ridden since dawn without seeing a single wild animal.

They came out on the flat, scrub-covered coastal plains at last, and raced across them at an exhilarating twenty-five miles per hour, dragging behind them a long rolling pall of dun-coloured dust like the smoke from a runaway bush fire.

The dust rose in a feathery spray, high in p the still heated air like the yellow smoke from a bush fire burning on a wide front.