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alt. (plural of bus English) n. (plural of bus English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: bus)

Usage examples of "buses".

The service can be erratic and buses are sometimes delayed, but there is a stop at the end of the road and I rarely have to wait more than five minutes.

It was noticeable that there were no buses on the streets and as I subsequently ascertained from a passerby, the taxi driver was telling the truth.

All buses were off the streets, no underground trains running and no taxis were available.

On buses they talk for the whole journey about their families, their illnesses, their holidays and what is going on at the office.

The frustration of waiting for buses is enough to put people off travelling in the evening, particularly with the worry of having to repeat the process on the way home, but there was no alternative if I wanted to find excitement again.

The clock in the drugstore where the buses stopped said there were ten minutes to go.

The hangers and pads were designed to accommodate a multitude of vehicles: the buses that connected Moonbase to L1, and a variety of space trucks and moon-hopping cargo carriers called lobbers that could haul equipment and products between the central complex and outlying factories and research posts.

I had been waiting at the bus stop for twenty minutes when a taxi driver leaned out of his cab to tell me that no buses were running.

I should have preferred to travel by bus to see Margaret, but the journey entailed changing several times and buses are notoriously infrequent on Sundays.

As I studied the map over the doors, I tried to visualise the destination boards on the buses which passed near my home.

The thing about travelling on London buses is that they always pass a station.

She took a taxi to the flat, an unwonted luxury, but the buses were full and she had the cats.

But buses, cars, and trains had carried thousands of enthusiasts to Granby and Magog and St.

All pipes, fittings, and manifold outlets were identical for all ferries, buses, and cargo haulers, even though the haulers used larger engines.

The schedule called for the buses to load as the most efficient windows came open.