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n. (plural of burr English)

Usage examples of "burrs".

He would have to learn about curse burrs the hard way: when he tried to use the same curse against a new batch.

They can only be used once against the curse burrs, but are infinitely reusable against goblins.

Dirty and disheveled, burrs sticking in her hair, she limped to The Forks, turned in at the gate, and made her way up the drive.

A couple of weeks later Esther and her mother joined him there, and causing quite a bit of gossip among friends and relatives, the Burrs were married.

There was every reason for her to believe she would have a baby every couple of years, just like her mother, and she constantly carped about having no help, though the Burrs did own a slave named Harry.

Once the Burrs moved, Esther was faced with even more entertaining as the ministers and trustees came to call.

Without warning, the Vet turns aside and scrambles down a slope and along a faint trail through dead burrs, and stunted, hollow-stalked weeds brittle with the frost.

She touched things like gossamer burrs, harsh and poisonous but without substance.

She screamed out her rage and clawed furiously at the burrs with her mind fingers, clubbed at those shapeless malevolences.

There were dried runnels, as of tears, in the dust on the cheeks, above the black beard, which was full of burrs, and thick and matted like the black hair of the head.

His black, wavy hair, cleared of woodland burrs and washed and combed by the attendants who had cleaned him up, lay on the pillow around his head.