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Buren refers to both the municipality and the city in the Betuwe region of the Netherlands. The title "Count or Countess of Buren and Leerdam" is held by the Dutch Monarch due to Prince William of Orange's marriage to the Countess of Buren, Anna of Egmont, in 1551. As a result, the county and the city of Buren fell under the control of the royal House of Orange-Nassau.


Büren may refer to the following places:

Büren (Solothurn)
  1. redirect Büren, Solothurn
Buren (name)

Buren is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Buren Bayaer, Chinese singer and composer
  • Buren R. Sherman (1836–1904), American politician
  • Buren Skeen (1938–1965), American NASCAR driver


  • Daniel Buren (born 1938), French artist
Buren (disambiguation)

Buren is the name of several places in the Netherlands:

  • Buren, Friesland
  • Buren, Gelderland
  • County of Buren, Gelderland

Usage examples of "buren".

They sat in silence for a while, listening to the geckoes chuckling on the wall behind them, and then van Buren went on, 'Tell me again about your rhinoceroses.

Crowds surged along the Van Buren Street rail line, fleeing from the West Division.

Officer Castell was shot to death behind the Union Station yesterday just before the supper hour by a vicious killer who is even now being pursued in the direction of Van Buren by the dedicated men of our proud constabulary.

But Leggett knows the truth and to-night told me I had best hurry up and extract what I can on the subject of Van Buren.

Though I sometimes wonder how different history will be if the president is Clay rather than Van Buren.

I thought for an instant nostalgically of my old rank, conferred on me by President Van Buren simply because we were half-brothers.

One night she got thoroughly soaked, going to catch the car at Van Buren Street.

Belle had given them the general layout of the countryside around Van Buren.

In Van Buren township, citizens were treated to the sound of explosions and automatic gunfire.

When Van Buren resident Mark Spencer went to investigate, he saw men in Ninja-style black uniforms with no markings practicing mock assaults on abandoned houses.

The Van Buren supporters held the balance of power between Whigs and Democrats in twelve States.

It was a ten-room, two-story brownstone off Sixteenth Street, on Van Buren N.

But he knows that every vice-president's been passed over since Van Buren.