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Burch (surname)

Burch is an English surname that most likely originated in Hyndley Birch, Rusholme, Manchester, England. The origins of the name can be traced back as far as 1500. Burch is also likely a variation of Birch being derived from one who resides at or near a birch-tree. "John at the birch," etc.

Usage examples of "burch".

Stone viciously jabbed the elevator button as Nazario gave Burch a soulful glance back over his shoulder.

She reached a crimson-tipped, well-manicured hand out to Burch for support, though Nazario stood closer.

Wholesome and fresh scrubbed, with blue eyes and blond hair like her mother, she reminded Burch of his own daughter, not in looks or coloring but in her manner, the way she had about her.

She and Burch exchanged knowing glances, a meeting of the minds on the crass nature of younger brothers.

Jennifer, Burch thought, as the girl returned from another room with a framed photo.

Stone asked Monday morning as Burch walked into the office, a Band-Aid over the stitches in his head.

Suddenly I felt surging pride in the Star Fleet that had produced a Paul Burch, and became that much more determined to preserve the good institution that he proved still existed beneath the crust of corruption.

I left Brian without a glance and headed for Burch, but had to follow him as he scurried from station to station, giving his inexperienced crew moral support and trying to learn as much as he could in an impossibly short time.

He wants the Klingons, but Burch arranged it so he has to get us first.

Neither did they have anyone called Burch who was allowed to sign their checks.

The minute I asked about someone called Emil Burch who had an account with him, I could almost see him freeze.

Now that he knew about Burch, his searches through the Zfirich office files might produce something he had passed over last week.

But somewhere there had been a slip, worse than signing a faked Burch signature to a check.

There must be no mention of Yates and his Burch apparatus in America, not one word about the FBI and their problem with highly enriched uranium.

Lieutenant Commander Burch, the SEAL we fished out of the ocean more than an hour ago, is quite comfortable aboard submarines.