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Bura (beetle)

Bura is a genus of ladybirds (family Coccinellidae).


Bura may refer to several different things:

  • Bura (footballer) (born 1988), a Portuguese footballer
  • Bura (beetle), a genus of beetles
  • BURA (information technology), Backup, Recovery and Archiving
  • Boura (Achaea) (also Boura), a city of Achaea, Greece
  • Bura (mythology), a figure in Greek mythology
  • Bura (wind), a wind in the northern Mediterranean
  • Bura, Iran (disambiguation)
  • In the African continent:
    • The ancient/medieval civilization of Bura-Asinda (with its Bura culture known for ceramics and metallurgy)
    • The Bura archeological site in southwest Niger in the Niger River valley where the Bura-Asinda civilization was discovered in 1975
    • Another spelling for various places also known as Boura; see Boura, Burkina Faso (disambiguation)
    • In linguistics, Bura (also Bura-Pabir), a Chadic language spoken in Nigeria
    • Bura, Tana River District, Kenya
    • Bura, Taita-Taveta District, Kenya
Bura (footballer)

'''Miguel Ângelo Marques Granja ''' (born 17 December 1988 in Matosinhos), known as Bura, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Académico de Viseu FC as a central defender.

Bura (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Bura was a daughter of Ion, son of Xuthus, and Helice. She was the eponym of the city Boura in Achaea.

She is possibly the same as Bura, mother of Atrax by Peneus.