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In demonology, Buné is a Great Duke of Hell, mighty and strong, who has thirty legions of demons under his command. He changes the place of the dead and makes them demons that are under his power to gather together upon those sepulchres. Buné makes men eloquent and wise, and gives true answers to their demands and also richness. He speaks with a comely high voice.

Buné is depicted as a three-headed dragon, being his heads like those of a dog, a griffin, and a man (although according to some grimoires he has two heads like a dragon and the third like a man).

Usage examples of "bune".

The tri bune had not seen him on the army's westward march, but remembered he was called Evghenios Kananos.

Malric, who never seemed to sleep when the tri bune and Helvis wanted him to, did not stir now.

The horsemen might not have the Romans' stiff discipline, but they were all right, the tri bune decided for the hundredth time.

When he found Scaurus reveling with the rest of his men, he pulled the tri bune out of his circle, earning him a glare from Helvis as the dance whirled her away.

The tri bune could clearly read the name painted in gold on the ship's bow: Corsair Breaker.

But not until her calm greeting, "Well met, Marcus Aemilius Scaurus," did the tri bune know her for Alypia Gavra.

The dapper bureaucrat looked up from his work as the tri bune came in.

The tri bune returned them without comment and got what looked to be real cooperation thereafter.

She said quietly, "Were those thoughts not there to read, the, ah, situation—" Her mockery of the tri bune's earlier pause was gentle.

      I do not say that Orson Phelps was the product of nature and the Tri bune: but he cannot be explained without considering these two factors.