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bump around

v. shock physically; "Georgia was shaken up in the Tech game" [syn: jar, shake up]

Usage examples of "bump around".

But there was something soothing about sitting in or pacing around her office by herself, letting the data and the speculations bump around in her head with only the computer's bland voice for company.

Sometimes back home I wake up at night and can't find the light panels in the floor and bump around in the dark trying to find the bathroom.

But if we have to bump around a bit, I don't want you all bouncing off the woodwork and messing up my carpets!

It got up and walked, clasping me inside it so I wouldn't bump around, and marched off, the wispy remains of its crippled emergency photopanels dragging over the dusty ground behind it like the wings of some strange, damaged insect.

The Flyaboutabus came to earth with such a bounce that they all flew up like rubber balls, while the bus continued to fly and bump around the field until Notta ran after it and tied it to a tree.

In physics, it's merely a transfer of energy-the molecules of water release energy in lower temperatures and don't bump around as much, forming a solid.