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acr. (context military US English) (w: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery)

Usage examples of "bumed".

More alarms sounded every minute, and fires bumed unattended in a chaos of screams and shouted orders.

I was not the one they were seeking when they found poor old Gerthe instead and bumed her.

Their faces were completely expressionless, though their eyes bumed with a golden glare, as though small nuclear fires burned in each eyeball.

If for no other reason, because I've spoken to BuMed and I know Admiral Mannock wouldn't even let you go back on full active duty status in our uniform for another three or four months.

They would even have the right genetic markers, because the biolab which had built them had been provided with tissue samples from the target's BuMed records to use for building blocks.

The Yidam's upper arms and hands were badly bumed, and Will knew the creature had to be in incredible pain.