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Bumba can refer to:

  • Bumba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a town on the Congo River
  • Bumba, a crater on Rhea
  • Bumba (god), or Mbombo, the supreme deity of the Bushongo people
  • Bumba, a children's television series created by Studio 100
  • Bumba (genus), a genus of spiders in the subfamily Theraphosinae
  • Bumba Meu Boi, a Brazilian folk theatrical tradition
  • Bumba Da, nickname of Bengali film actor Prasenjit Chatterjee
  • Claudiu Bumba, a Romanian football player
  • "Bumba", a song from Soulfly on their eponymous debut album
Bumba (spider)

Bumba is a genus of tarantula native to the Americas. It is an uncommon genus, comprising only four known species, including one named after John Lennon. Like most related species in the subfamily Theraphosinae, they may flick urticating hairs in response to threats.