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Bult is a commune in the Vosges department in Lorraine in northeastern France.

Usage examples of "bult".

He stopped and looked around at Bult hunched over the computer under his umbrella.

I threw Bult off the computer and set up the map, filling in the two holes with extrapolated topographies before I went back over to the table.

Then it took Bult another half hour to get his pony loaded, decide he wanted his umbrella, unload everything to find it and load it again, and by that time Carson had used inappropriate manner and tone and thrown his hat on the ground, and we had to wait while Bult added those on.

Carson usually likes to have one on the first day anyway, just in case something comes up where we need one, but he was deep in conversation with Bult, probably trying to talk him into crossing the Tongue.

Carson called, and Bult leapt off his pony and stalked over to look at my footprints.

Wulfmeier and wrestling the binocs away from Bult to even think of it, I thought.

The shuttlewren fell in midflap, and Bult stabbed it with the tip of the umbrella a couple of times.

Bult since we started, except when Bult was snacking on the shuttlewren, but he spoke right up.

I wondered if he was worried about Bult and had gone to check on him, but Bult was right here, with another armful of sticks.

I wondered if Bult had been faking rest stops the way we did dust storms.

I gave up waiting for a rest stop and hauled dehydes out of my pack for lunch, and right after we ate, we came to a creek, which Bult crossed without even looking in, and a handful of silvershims.

There was a bunch of sandblossoms laid out on the bottom of this one, and in the middle of it one of the American flags Bult had bought two expeditions ago.

Up ahead, Bult was getting his umbrella out of his pack and putting it up.

It was still sprinkling, but Bult turned off his umbrella and collapsed it.

Carson would have killed me for not running an f-and-f check first, but Bult was sulking up in the Wall, and the water was so clear you could see every rock on the bottom.