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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a bulky camera from the 1950s
▪ a bulky package
▪ The boxes were bulky and difficult to move.
▪ The men were carrying bulky packages under their arms.
▪ The room was full of bulky old furniture.
▪ Bend down at the knees to pick up a bulky object, thus avoiding back strain.
▪ It had the proportions of a very large grand hotel such as the Plaza-very bulky and very low.
▪ Nowhere was it written that Macintosh would render Lisa an expensive and rather bulky doorstop.
▪ She wears an enormous white sweatshirt so bulky that she could have had it from Ludo.
▪ The cellulose fluff, although more bulky, is just a parachute, to be discarded.
▪ The door was opened by a tall, bulky man in his late sixties.
▪ The web site proved to be a bit bulky and tough to maneuver during a weeknight trial run....
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bulky \Bulk"y\, a. Of great bulk or dimensions; of great size; large; thick; massive; as, bulky volumes.

A bulky digest of the revenue laws.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "plump, stout," from bulk (n.) + -y (2). Related: Bulkiness.


a. 1 Being large in size, mass, or volume. 2 unwieldy 3 (context bodybuilding English) Having excess body mass, especially muscle.

  1. adj. of large size for its weight

  2. [also: bulkiest, bulkier]

Usage examples of "bulky".

Rather less than fifteen minutes later both damsels crept down the stairs, one clutching a portmanteau and a bandbox from under whose lid a scrap of muslin flounce protruded, the other clasping in both arms a bulky receptacle made of plaited straw.

In the combi and cargo configurations, the nose can be fitted as a door to facilitate the loading of long and bulky articles.

Quimbleton had to delay his reply until deglutition had mastered a bulky consignment of shrimp.

Animals bulkier than the Diplodocus or more forbidding than tyrannosaurus may have roamed the Earth in the thousands, and we may never know it.

She was lying quietly, her face covered with bulky eye patches secured with heavy elasticized tape.

Wise Ones were gathered, more than a dozen of them in their bulky skirts and white blouses and dark shawls, decked with necklaces and bracelets of gold and silver, gems and ivory, their long hair held back with folded scarves.

Clive who was standing on the far side of the Miry Ghyll gazing pensively into the pool, saw his image reflected in the pool, his riding boots, his bulky black caped greatcoat, his dark, uncovered hair.

The rocket gymbals could be controlled either by a powerglove or by remote, eliminating the need for bulky armatures and a separate mounting for the exhaust nozzles.

The Hagg sat lower than a snow-cat, with a towing point at the back of the rear cab, hydraulic steering linkage the other end, so there was no way, in bulky gear, to wriggle between the tracks.

Across the black lavalike pavement, they could see the bulky form of Tortha Karf, hunched under a long cloak, with his flat cap pulled down over his brow.

Well before the seedling was too heavy to ride the remaining hull without sinking it gunwale down, it had become far too bulky for even Keo and the captain together to hoist, regardless of ingenious improvisations of cordage.

Hilde Moller Knag jumped out of bed with the bulky ring binder in her arms.

Though completely walled on three sides by lockable storage compartments for less bulky cargo, the tiny room efficiently contained enough space for a desk and viewer table.

Yarans were dressed in short grey kilts with grey, woolly-looking leggings underneath that terminated in a sort of mukluk over each foot, and bulky, thick, green sweater-like upper garments with parka-type hoods which they wore thrown back on their shoulders.

The Borellian Nomen, an aboriginal race that had been on Scorpius millennia before: the colonists arrived, were much hairier, almost lupine, and bulkier due to their dedication to working the land.