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Bulhary can refer to:

  • Bulhary (Břeclav District) a village and municipality in Czech Republic
  • Bulhary, Lučenec District a village and municipality in Slovak Republic
Bulhary (Břeclav District)

Bulhary (before 1949 Pulgary,German Pulgram) is village located 8 km from Mikulov, South Moravia Region, Czech Republic. Bulhary was found in 12th century by Germany colonists. The first written report is from 1244, when Bulhary was belonged to Lednice manor. Around village is located important archaeological site mammoth hunters. About 800 people lives here. Postal code is 691 89.

Bulhary is wine village in Mikulov wine subregion (vineyard Nad Sklepy, Doubrava, Na pískách, Panské, Podlesí, Zahrady).