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Bule (woreda)

Bule is one of the woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia, named after its major town, Bule. Part of the Gedeo Zone, Bule is bordered on the south by Gedeb, on the southwest by Yirgachefe, on the west by Wenago, on the northwest by Dila Zuria, on the north by the Sidama Zone, and on the east by the Oromia Region.

Most of the woreda is considered highland; the highest point is at Haro Wolabu Pond (2993 meters). According to a 2004 report, Bule had 24 km of all-weather roads and no dry-weather roads, for an average road density of 89 km per 1000 square km.


Bule is a commonly used word in Indonesia to describe a foreigner, especially people of European descent.

Many dictionaries point out that the strict definition of the word is albino. However, this definition has lost usage in both spoken and written form over the English loanword, albino. The meaning of the word has shifted into foreigner, Caucasians, even fair-skinned Indonesians and those with the slightest hint of European descent. Because of the frequent use to describe foreigners, it stems the terms Bule Arab for fair-skinned Middle Easterners and people with Middle Eastern descent, and Bule Afrika for foreigners with White African descent (mainly north African) and sometimes as a humorous, though not necessarily offensive, term for people with very dark skin.

In spoken form, the word may be used by street vendors to attract tourists or foreigners' attention. Because of the common perception by westerners that the word is insulting, the more cautious of the street vendors use the term Mister, which foreigners find more polite. As an alternative to 'bule', the adjective 'barat' (Western) may be a more neutral alternative. Compare with güero.

Usage examples of "bule".

Ghuda Bule, catered to a rougher clientele: wagon drivers, mercenaries, farmers bringing crops into the city, and rural soldiers.

Ghuda Bule entered the common room of the inn he had called home for nearly seven years and wondered if he would ever pass this way again.

Nicholas, son of my brother, Arutha, and his companions, Harry of Ludland, Nakor the Isalani, and Ghuda Bule from Kesh.

While rich travelers stayed at the large hostels in the city or at palatial inns along the silvery beaches, the Inn of the Dented Helm, owned by Ghuda Bule, catered to a rougher clientele: wagon drivers, mercenaries, farmers bringing crops into the city, and rural soldiers.

Thenys Bule CHAPTER ONE And all came to imprint Their passage On the path, scent the dry winds Their cloying claim To ascendancy Messremb -64th A corkscrew plume of dust raced across the basin, heading deeper into the trackless desert of the Pan'potsun Odhan.

Thenys Bule chain of dogs,' the sailor growled, his voice as dark and heavy as the air of the hold.

He had just got around to muttering: 'This bule item, this little item,' when Wieringa and Dessens returned.