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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Buke (Japan)

can be defined as "a martial house or a member of such a house" ( Samurai). However, the term is more closely translated to law or governing authority. Buke is used when describing an individual or group of individuals that have authority.


Buke in the high school of mainland China refers to the social phenomenon of extra study for the improvement of students’ academic performance in National Higher Education Entrance Examination (commonly known as Gaokao) in the form of extra mandatory classes organized by high schools or private tutoring provided by cram school.

Usage examples of "buke".

The sparrowhawk that had once been Buke heard no sound but the wind, lending the scene below a solemn, ethereal quality.

Buke could no longer hold his gaze on the cobbles before him, and found his head turning, lifting slightly to take in the half-score Urdomen bodies lying bloodless, faces mottled black beneath their visors, on all sides.

A Daru, Buke worked the smaller caravanserai, signing with merchants just scraping by.

After making arrangements for the master to accompany a train back to Darujhistan, Buke was, with scant gratitude for his efforts, cut loose by the merchant.

That Buke himself had been lying drunk and dead to the world in an alley not a hundred paces from the house hadn't helped in the man's recovery.

Like many of his fellow guards, Gruntle had assumed that Buke would turn to the bottle with serious intent after that.

Taking solitary contracts with poor, vulnerable merchants obviously offered to Buke a greater appeal than the wasting descent of a permanent drunk.

He watched Buke stow his equipment and exchange a few more words with Emancipor Reese, who had begun cooking a meal of their own, then the man glanced over and met Gruntle's gaze.

Lethro, you knowwent out on a contract and came back to find' 'She'd gone and married someone else,' Buke finished, nodding.

Had not Buke alerted us, we might well have sustained even further damage to our accoutrements, not to mention our less capable companions.

I know, Buke, you were right in your suspicionsI saw what was within the carriage.

And Buke, tall and weathered with a tortured soulsurely worth a snake-fight or three.

I was trying to make,' Buke continued, 'is that there's eyes on the house.

Grey-faced with exhaustion, Buke made his way towards the necromancers' estate.

Hours earlier, in the deep of the night when Buke had been helping people from the Camps and from Daru District's tenements make their way to the Grey Swords' places of musteringfrom which they would be led to the hidden tunnel entrancesthe Pannions had reached all the way to the street Buke had just walked.