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n. a Chilean city


Buin may refer to:

  • Buin, Chile
  • Buin, Iran (disambiguation)
  • Buin, Papua New Guinea on Bougainville Island

Usage examples of "buin".

Tadziki, at the backup console, set the visuals to magnify two autochthones carrying a headless corpse, and behind them, a third living Buinite with a smashed arm.

The hologram switched to a Buinite stretching his left arm out behind him, then snapping forward like a sprung bear trap.

Male Buinites concentrate on any ship that lands, like white cells on a source of infection.

But I strongly recommend—" "Before we worry about Buin," Tadziki interrupted, "we've got to get through the Sole Solution.

Westerbeke always had the con in tight situations, and powered flight through Buin's atmosphere was certainly that.

Three Buinites ran from the shelter of a flat-topped tree half a kilometer away.

Somewhere a Buinite hit the net Electricity from the nuclear batteries in the nearest post coursed through the creature in a long, drawn-out thunderclap.

A dozen more Buinites reprised their dead fellow's actions within the next ten seconds.

The Buinites had rolled a mass of brush into a fascine four meters in diameter and twenty meters across.

Three more Buinites stood, arched, and blew apart as the device in the captain' s arms hummed uselessly.

All the Buinites were down, but more rushed from concealment They'd reacted instantly to the Swift's arrival.

The Buinite fascine staggered under the impact of four rocket shells from the Racontid's launcher.

The Buinites were obviously preparing to loose a shower of stones together while the gunmen focused on the party making the rush.

The Buinite preparing to throw and his crouching fellows all collapsed limply as if shot through the brain stem.

Lissea's nerve scrambler emitted a pattern of light on the critical frequency on which the Buinites' central nervous system operated.