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Bui may refer to:

  • Bui (Cameroon department), an administrative subdivision
  • Bùi, a common Vietnamese surname
  • An enemy character in the anime/manga YuYu Hakusho

The acronym BUI may refer to:

  • Baptist Union of Ireland
  • Boating Under the Influence
  • Boxing Union of Ireland
  • Browser user interface
  • Bokondini Airport, Indonesia (IATA code: BUI)
  • Beneficial Use Impairment, a term used in environmental studies to designate reasons for AOCs or Areas of Concern
Bui (Cameroon department)

' Bui' is a department of Northwest Province in Cameroon. The department covers an area of 2,297 km² and as of 2001 had a total population of 322,877.The capital of the department lies at Kumbo.