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Suddenly you saw Verrie Myers, Trish Elders, Groves and Ginger McCord huddled together at a cafeteria table earnestly with Orrie Buhr, Dougie Siefried, Janet Moss, Dexter Cambrook Eickhorn.

Ken would recall, afterward, how both Orrie Buhr and Clyde Meunzer were grinning.

Italian-looking man of middle age, the one an ominously transmogrified Orrie Buhr and the other resembling--who?

John Reddy was talking with his buddies Orrie Buhr, Calvo, Clyde Meunzer, leaning against the acid-green Caddie and passing a butt among them (a reefer?

For though Roland Trippe had approached a number of John Reddy's classmates, including boys on the basketball and track teams, only Orrie Buhr and Clyde Meunzer agreed to act as character witnesses.

Evangeline pasted into Death Chronicles local papers covering the crash of the Trans-Am on Millersport with which John Reddy had been involved, according to an offended Buhr, she'd "hung around John's locker trying to get him to autograph some of it, but John froze the goofy chick out.