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Buhana is a tehsil (sub-district) and a municipality in the Jhunjhunu district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Buhana is ancient village. founded in 1234 by Bhawani Singh. there are many caste in Buhana. but Rajput caste are likely having their abundance and multiplicity. and Baba Umad Singh also belong to TANWAR Rajput lineage.

Presently BUHANA is a tehsil of Jhunjhunu Dist. of Rajasthan.There are Administrative offices of SDM and Tehsildar, and Village development Officer.Population of buhana is ....

Buhana is an ancient devotional land. There are two holy hermitage (Ashrams). The first is "Dhoona Dhaloda" and the second is "Lihlay". "Dhoona Dhaloda" was established and founded by Saint Siromani Shree Shree 1008 Baba Shree Mohan Nath Ji Maharaj. He came here from the mountain of Kailash. and he belongs to NATH Sampraday of yogi shree Gorakh nath Ji Mahraj. He is very very ascetic, a friar and Great Saint. There are two lines on Baba shree Mohan Nath Ji Maharaj

"Kailash giri se chalya saint ek shivshankar ka vritdhariiii iii Chaman rishi ke chaman bagh me kari tapsya bhariiii"

After that his pupil Saint siromani shree shree 1008 baba shree Bhagwan nath ji maharaj, operate this hermitage. In the series of presiding saint presently baba shree Bhakhtawarnath Ji Maharaj is presiding on this hermitage and his pupil of Shree Naresh Nath Ji Maharaj also operating of this holy place "Dhoona Dhaloda".

The second is "Leehlay" herimtage, established by Saint shree Sewadas Ji Maharaj. He belongs to DAS Sampraday. There are many temples in Buhana. Ram Janki Mandir, Radhakrishna Mandir, Khemka kuldevi Mandir.