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Bugsy is a 1991 American crime- drama film directed by Barry Levinson which tells the story of mobster Bugsy Siegel and his relationship with Virginia Hill. It stars Warren Beatty as Siegel and Annette Bening as Hill, as well as Harvey Keitel, Ben Kingsley, Elliott Gould, and Joe Mantegna. The screenplay was written by James Toback from research material by Dean Jennings' 1967 book We Only Kill Each Other.

The film received acclaim from critics, including Roger Ebert, and was nominated for ten Academy Awards, winning two for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and Best Costume Design. As of 2016, the film is the most recent to receive more than one nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category.

A director's cut was released on DVD, containing an additional 13 minutes not seen in the theatrical version.

Bugsy (disambiguation)

Bugsy is a 1991 film about the American gangster Bugsy Siegel.

Bugsy may also refer to:

As a nickname

  • Bugsy Siegel (1906-1947), American gangster, founder and leader of Murder Inc.
  • John Cunningham (Northern Ireland footballer), football coach and former player
  • Martin Goldstein (c. 1905-1941), American mobster and member of Murder Inc.
  • Leo Koceski (born 1927), American collegiate football player
  • Bugsy Nyskohus (born 1950), Australian former association football player Bohdan Nyskohus
  • Bryan Watson (ice hockey) (born 1942), Canadian National Hockey League player

Other uses:

  • Bugsy McGraw, ring name of former professional wrestler Michael Davis (born 1945)
  • Stomy Bugsy, stage name of French rapper Gilles Duarte (born 1972)
  • the title character of Bugsy Malone, a 1976 musical film
  • Bugsy (video game), a 1986 text-adventure game
  • Bugsy (Pokémon), a character in the Pokémon universe
  • Bugsy, a character portrayed by James Russo in the 1984 film Once Upon a Time in America
Bugsy (video game)

Bugsy, also known as The King of Chicago, was a 1986 text-adventure game for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, and Sinclair ZX Spectrum developed by St. Bride's School and published by CRL Group exclusively in Europe. Its protagonist, Bugsy Maroon, was a Bugs Bunny-esque rabbit gangster in 1922 Chicago. The objective of the game is to be a successful criminal. Although primarily a text-adventure, it featured simple graphics depicting the current scene.