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Etymology 1 n. (context music English) A small bugle. Etymology 2

n. (context computing informal English) A minor bug in a program.

Usage examples of "buglet".

In the hungry times before the goddess came he had been generous to Davey and Buglet, with bowls of milk and bits of sun-dried goat meat, and he still liked to share his desert lore and his peyote buttons on fiesta days.

He turned impulsively to Buglet, who looked very grave and pale in her dark robe, more alluring than a goddess.

Davey went to work next morning with a spade, tossing gravel against a sloping screen, while Buglet knelt in the dust to scrabble for artifacts.

Before moonrise, the other mule stumbled into a dry arroyo, pitching Buglet over its head.

When he looked back at Buglet, she was wrapped in a dust-devil of whirling golden motes.

He lay watching Buglet as they let the sun warm them, the torn clothing molded to her body, the wet hair black and sleek against her hollowed face.

Pausing for a moment over Buglet, he saw her smiling in her sleep as if all their cares were gone.

Sitting face-to-face with Buglet gripping her hands, looking into her amber-black eyes, he kept on trying to find latent recollections like her own.

Wondering what fate the little god might find for them, Davey thought he ought to stay awake and watchful, but suddenly Buglet was shaking him out of a terrifying dream in which an insect swarm of flying Pipkins had been hunting them across an endless desert with hissing crimson firebolts.

The third went leaping after Buglet, pale path-seeker shafts hissing out of its killer eye.

He saw Buglet turning white, falling into the arms of another sacristan.

Chilled by his own sweat, he pulled his trembling knees up against his cheek and tried to imagine where Buglet could have been taken.

A super-world, beyond all space and time, in which the stark Impossible for men became possible for godsand for the ultimen Buglet said they would become.

This devastation was left from the merciless search that had finally overtaken him and Buglet at the truman commune.

Trying not even to hope that Ironlaw might lead him to Buglet, he turned away to watch a buzzard wheeling over the other end of the camp and drew a long slow breath before he dared look again.