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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bugler \Bu"gler\, n. One who plays on a bugle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1793; see bugle (n.). Bugle-boy attested from 1817.


n. Someone who plays the bugle


n. someone who plays a bugle

Bugler (tobacco)

130px|thumb|right|A .65 oz pouch of Bugler tobacco. Bugler is the name of a roll-your-own brand of tobacco and rolling papers. The Bugler brand was first introduced in the United States in 1932 by Lane Limited. Lane became a subsidiary of Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 2011. According to recent market surveys, Bugler is the #2 selling brand of rolling tobacco in the United States, and is the #1 tobacco in American prisons. It competes heavily with the brand TOP.

Each pouch of Bugler includes .65 oz. tobacco and 32 cigarette papers. Bugler differentiates itself from its chief competitors in that its tobacco consists of a premium "Turkish and domestic blend", which is similar to the same claim advertised by the higher-priced factory made brand Camel. Bugler has recently changed their rolling papers from thick papers to a newer, thinner paper which is interleaved. Bugler paper booklets are also sold individually as a stand-alone product.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the retail cost of "Ready Rolled", "Tailor Made" or pre-rolled cigarettes distributed by the major tobacco companies, has increased due to extremely high federal and state taxes.

Bugler (disambiguation)

A bugler is someone who plays the bugle.

Bugler may also refer to:

  • Bugler (tobacco), a brand of tobacco
  • Bugler (BSA), a position in the Boy Scouts of America
  • Bugler Coaches, a bus and coach operator in Keynsham, Bath, England
  • Brendan Bugler (born 1985), Irish hurler
  • Courtney Bugler (born c. 1977), American television soap opera writer
Bugler (BSA)

A bugler is a position in the Boy Scouts of America. A bugler's job is to use a bugle (or trumpet, as most troops use) to sound bugle calls. A boy who is the bugler can also earn the bugler merit badge.

Usage examples of "bugler".

Anderson and Friday Clark stopped on their way out to ask him if he wanted to sit in when they got the guitars out, later on, Andy who was on guard bugler wearing the web pistol belt and long black holster with the lanyard from the butt up over his shoulder passing under the tucked in tie, and the bugle that he must never let out of sight while on guard hanging down his back.

There had been a coloured bugler who played the echo to his own Taps from the stand.

The Negro was a better bugler, but because he was not white he had been stationed in the hills to play the echo.

Milt Warden, who was the one who had suggested Salvatore Clark for the apprentice bugler, after Clark almost shot himself on guard, went on studying his papers, but his eyebrows quivered.

Downstairs the whistle blew, and simultaneously the guard bugler began to blow Fatigue Call in the quad, and he could even listen to the call objectively.

Salvatore Clark, the apprentice bugler, grinning shyly under his long Italian nose.

While they had played the guard bugler had sounded a Watery Tattoo from the corner of the rainy muddy quad, and there had been a sudden influx of last minute pissers before they went to bed, and the CQ had come around and thrown the light switches in the squadrooms, and now in the darkened squadroom beyond the swinging saloon-doors of the latrine there were the heavy silences and soft stirrings of a great deal of sleep.

The Chief said, and they all stopped talking then and turned to look at the corner of the quad where the guard bugler was raising his horn to the big megaphone to sound Tattoo.

They all of them watched the guard bugler depart, watching him inexpressively, looking at him inarticulately, seeing in him this fatality of which they were aware but powerless to influence, this that was more than men, an irresistible cosmic force of some kind that defied isolation.

Andy, who as company bugler had to go with the CP, would ride over every night with his guitar from the CP in the light truck that brought the lieutenant to inspect the posts.

In the corner of the quad at the megaphone, among all the men running back and forth, the guard bugler was blowing The Charge.

Down below, the running men melted away and the bugler stopped blowing and ran back under the E Company porch.

Down below the bugler stopped blowing and ran back in under the E Company porch again.

Down below the loading detail dived out to pick up the clips in the lull, and the bugler ran back to the megaphone.

A thing that had started almost a year ago, with Chief Bugler Houston, and led up through Dynamite Holmes and the boxing into The Treatment and Ike Galovitch and from there to the Stockade and Jack Malloy and the late Fatso Judson, and a lot of other things both before and after, to finally here, where, for this split minute that was the current point of time in the line of time which was not a line but an infinite series of points, four strangers held it all in their hands without even knowing it.