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Bughio is a clan of Jakhrani tribe in Sindh, Pakistan.

Members of the Bughio were warriors and rebellious in nature. They lived during the Arghun Dynasty Arghun dynasty in Sindh Jagir. In a battle, in 1607 and 1608 AD (1016 AH), between Sardar Khan’s (Subedar of Mirza Gazi Baig) troops had an encounter with the Sameja mounted soldiers, wherein the former lost 500 men. After the transfer of Sardar Khan, Sehwan was transferred to the Jagir of Pir Ghulam. During his tenure, there were uprisings, which were suppressed, of the Sameja Unars in Lakha and Sameja Bughias, and Lakhiar at Gachero. The biggest battle took place at Saeed Garh Fort near Nasarpur in which 2000 Samejas were killed. On another occasion 500 Sameja Unars were killed. The Samejas retaliated by attacking the Jahangirabad Fort with 1000 strong horsemen and 2000 foot soldiers and lost 200 men in that battle.

They were also good in business. They were mostly landlords. A majority of Bughios are now living in upper Sindh including matiari, dadu, jamshoro,warah, naushehro feroz mirpurkhas,Shahdadpur, khairpur mirs, and tharpakar districts. There are many Bughio villages in all over the sindh. There is also a vast majority of Bughios in Larkana District.