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Usage examples of "bugget".

One of them opened the rear emergency door as Bugget and Weiss approached.

Bobby Bugget popped the top on the first beer of what he hoped would become a short and forgettable bender, he scanned the three familiar faces.

Hauling the cases himself, Bugget fell in behind the rest as they marched up the paved road to the bottling plant.

With an open palm, she cuffed the man on top of Bugget on the side of the head.

A bottle was brought to Bobby Bugget, while others began pouring water into the mouths of the unconscious.

Bobby Bugget took center stage, flanked by the kleptomaniac actress and the stock-fixing happy homemaker.

Ever since he was forced to drink the formula, Bugget had kept to the fringes of the pack.

He grabbed Bugget by the collar of his Hawaiian shirt and dragged him to his feet.

Remo had forced Bugget to drag all the bodies from inside and dump them around the loading dock.

Korean, Bugget tipped his head, as if seeing Chiun for the first time.

Bobby Bugget whirled around them worriedly as the two Masters of Sinanju swept past.

Remo had forced Bobby Bugget to haul from the warehouse were still arranged outside the loading dock.

Master of Sinanju cried as Bobby Bugget hopped up onto the windowsill.