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The name Bugge (of Norwegian origin) may refer to:

  • Peter Olivarius Bugge (1764-1849), a Norwegian bishop ( :no:Peder Olivarius Bugge)
  • Sophus Bugge, a Norwegian philologist
  • Bugge Wesseltoft, a Norwegian jazz musician

Usage examples of "bugge".

All by himself, too, since Bugge and the northmen have finally convinced him that they don't want to be knights of the round table.

Von Salm would never let me have any troops, of course, for an unexplainable midnight sortie, but he did say once that he'd be grateful if I'd take Bugge and the other northmen off his hands.

I'll fetch Bugge and his men, and the King, and get the sword, and come back here.

There were muffled shouts from the other side, but Bugge ignored them and stood up to face his men.

He barked a greeting in a Norse dialect so archaic that Bugge could barely phrase an equivalent reply.

         Sitting in the ship's stern, by the steering oar, Rickard Bugge pulled his weary gaze from the Vienna crowd when his lieutenant edged his way aft between the rowing benches and knelt in front of him.

         Ashamed by the timorousness of his fellows, Bugge had pounded the table with his fist.

         It proved impossible to raise an army, and so Bugge and twenty comrades, all unmarried or notably restless, had set off by themselves on the difficult land and sea journey.

         He sneaked a glance over his shoulder to see how Bugge and his men were taking these outré phenomena, and was surprised to see no dismay or fear in their faces.

         Under the rain-drummed roof of a lean-to that had been added onto the side of the southern barracks, Rikard Bugge hummed a dreary tune and pounded his dagger again and again into the barrack wall.

         They all managed to climb unseen to the north wall catwalk, and with a couple of long lengths of rope and the aid of three of Bugge's men, the job of lowering the Fisher King to the ground outside proved to be much easier than Duffy had imagined.

         Aurelianus had been crouched in the bow, talking in an undertone to Bugge and the three northmen, but rose when he heard Duffy stir.

But by now he had drunk a further pint of grog, and this time he said, 'I don't know what you think about this buggery lark, sir.

The bosun started his call, and racing to his post by the maintopsail bowline Isaac Isaacs said to John Lakey, 'We are going to cut those two heavy buggers off from the land,' with intense satisfaction.

Stephen noticed his hare-lip grinning and he cherishing the curved spike of a boarding-axe, saying over and over again, 'I'll hit the buggers, I'll hit the buggers, I'll hit the buggers.