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The bugeye is a type of sailboat developed in the Chesapeake Bay for oyster dredging. The predecessor of the skipjack, it was superseded by the latter as oyster harvests dropped.

Usage examples of "bugeye".

A sheet of water leaped over the bugeye, together with an impact that knocked all of them flat, and split the foresail from throat to outhaul cringle.

The design was the one called Chesapeake Bay bugeye, which meant that she had a flat bottom, a centerboard, a rakish clipper bow, and the masts slanted back at a dashing angle.

Originally, Renny explained, the bottoms of the bugeyes had been made with three or five logs drifted together with Swedish iron, an unusual type of construction, and one which would at first seem to be clumsy, but that was actually of deceptive speed.