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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Buffin \Buf"fin\, n. [So called from resembling buff ?eather.] A sort of coarse stuff; as, buffin gowns. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) A sort of coarse material.

Usage examples of "buffin".

He was simply but well dressed in an indigo buffin tunic and leather breeches.

In plain buffin doublets and kersey stockings and heavy, hobnail shoes, they stood cheek by jowl with artisans in leather jerkins and red Monmouth caps.

Basil Buffin making one of those rash assumptions for which he is so famous?

Stuart Buffin undoubtedly witnessed was an Initiative Test, It is something that the Army has lately thought up to give employment to otherwise idle warriors.

Stuart Buffin, having improvidently made no arrangements whatever for its expenditure, felt this with peculiar force.

Stuart Buffin to make a most belated appearance at breakfast that morning.

Stuart Buffin found that he was trembling and wet all over, as if he had tried to break the record in the school quarter mile.

Stuart Buffin and his crony Miles, wild with joy at having carried the day, dashed for their bicycles.

George Buffins, but he had long ago forgotten it, although he was a great patriot, British to the bone, even if as widely travelled as the British Empire in the service of fun.

This dance was the dance of death, and they danced it for George Buffins, that they might be as him.

Gone to join George Buffins in the great madhouse in the sky, no doubt.