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Buffé is a Swedish monthly free customer magazine which is distributed to the customers of ICA, a supermarket. The company also owned Icakuriren, a weekly family magazine, until October 2014.

Usage examples of "buffe".

The Sarazin sore daunted with the buffeSnatcheth his sword, and fiercely to him flies.

But he, not like a wearie traueilere,Their sharpe assault right boldly did rebut,And suffred not their blowes to byte him nereBut with redoubled buffes them backe did put:Whose grieued mindes, which choler did englut,Against themselues turning their wrathfull spight,Gan with new rage their shields to hew and cut.

For else my feeble vessell crazd, and cracktThrough thy strong buffets and outrageous blowes,Cannot endure, but needs it must be wracktOn the rough rocks, or on the sandy shallowes,The whiles that loue it steres, and fortune rowes.

C'era un buffet, tutti i tipi di vino e un sacco di fiori, ovunque si volgesse lo sguardo.

A side buffet table had been laid with a spread of cold breakfast foods: cereals, fruit, milk, Juice.

Women of more leisure buffed their nails and frequently dyed them crimson, while occasionally using dyes of this and that vegetable base to tint their faces.